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Ten years ago it was an idea for a book, today it is...

"Footprints in the Sugar – A History of the Great Western Sugar Company"

Written by Candy Hamilton, former Johnstown resident.

The idea for “Footprints in the Sugar” began when John and Candy Hamilton lived in Johnstown, Colorado from 1998 to 2001 on the site of the former Great Western Sugar Company facility on Highway 60 between Johnstown and Milliken. While living there, Candy wrote and published a monthly newsletter for Colorado Sweet Gold, the company that has purchased the factory site in 1998. In the newsletter, “Corm Matters,” she always included a page or two about the history of the Great Western Sugar Company. The more she researched the beet sugar company the more she wanted to know, thus the genesis of “Footprints in the Sugar.”

“Footprints in the Sugar” is not intended to be “the history’ of the Great Western Sugar Company but rather “a history” of the company. As the book evolved it became much bigger that anticipated, its subject matter more extensive than originally planned. It became a book about ordinary people and rural towns, personal struggles and industrial triumphs, heartwarming quips and tragic sagas, not a book on how to plant and harvest sugar beets or an in-depth explanation as to how sugar beets are processed into refined sugar.

“I believe what evolved from a decade of research and writing is a book that presents a unique perspective of a once grand company. It can be read as a history of an industrial conglomerate or read as a story of visionary men who believed there was more value in sugar beets that gold. I wrote the book to preserve as many memories and historical facts as I could and, in my own way, pay respect to all those who left their footprints in the sugar.” ~Candy Hamilton

8 ½ x 11, hardbound with full color dust jacket, 848 pages, footnoted, hundreds of photographs, timeline, and extensive listing of people places and companies.
The book is self-published by Hamilton Bates Publishers
And was printed by the Caxton Printers, Ltd.
$79.95 plus S/H

To order, or for more information, contact: or
Web site:

From the May 2009 newsletter