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The Craftsman House was the dominant style for smaller houses built throughout the country during the period from about 1905 until the early 1920s.

The houses were inspired primarily by the work of two California brothers, Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene, in Pasadena.

About 1903 they began to design simple Craftsman-type bungalows; by 1909 they had designed and executed several exceptional landmark examples.

Several influences—the English Arts and Crafts Movement, an interest in oriental wooden architecture, and early training in the manual arts---appear to have led the Greenes to design and build the houses.

Their work received publicity and, as a result, a flood of pattern books appeared, offering plans for Craftsman bungalows. Some even offered pre-cut packages of lumber and details to be assembled by local builders.

Because of this, the Craftsman house quickly became the most popular and fashionable house in the country.

The style rapidly faded from favor after the mid-1920s, however, and few houses were built after 1930.